B-MISCO at one glance

Bafgh Mineral Complex Iron & Steel Company (B-MISCO) is one of the largest projects in Iran which was privatized in 2011 and established with the means to prevent the direct sales of raw materials. Among the major advantages of this project is its vicinity to iron ore mines in central Iran and Choghart which is dubbed as the mining paradise of Iran. Additionally, Bafgh’s geographical location in the center of the country allows it to have easy access to all regions via its proximity to transit roads and railway networks in Iran. B-MISCO’s overall aim is the completion of its steel supply chain as well as having an effective presence in steel industry. The initial phase of this project will encompass the creation of five factories:

    ● Pelletizing plant with a production capacity of 5 million tons per year.

    ● Direct reduction plant with a production capacity of 1 million tons per year.

    ● Smelting plant with a production capacity of 1 million tons per year.

    ● Rebar rolling mill with a production capacity of 550 thousand tons per year.

    ● Sections rolling mill with a production capacity of 550 thousand tons per year.


B-MISCO’s key strategies:

    ● Increasing the productivity of human resources.

    ● Securing financial resources which are not impacted by limitations imposed by banks.

    ● Supplying sustainable energy.

    ● Using automation and integrated management systems in all operational processes.

    ● Developing domestic technology with the means to improve and protect national production.


Introduction of the rebar rolling mill

As a first step of B-MISCO’s steel production, the rebar rolling mill with a production capacity of 550 thousand tons per year has been started in February 2016 by engineering partnership with Spanish Company and using the most advanced equipment and technologies provided by Europe. Rebar rolling mill features include:

    ✦ Applying a uniform thermal regime using preheated furnace with capacity of 100 tons per hour and the ability of heating billets from 130 up to 150 with a length of 12 meters and having the lowest oxidation and carbon dioxide residues.

    ✦ Production of grade A3 rebars coming in the size of 8mm in the form of four slice, size of 10mm in the form of two slice, size 14 in the form of two slice, and for the sizes of 16 to 32mm in the form of a single slice.

    ✦ Establishing an integrated management system (IMS) and obtaining certificates of CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001.

    ✦ Using European modern technology to produce products with appropriate international standards of dimensions, tolerance and mechanical properties.

    ✦ Localization, technical knowledge transfer and absorption of 300 employees to work in the rebar rolling mill production line.

    ✦ Possibility to customize the length of the rebars according to customer’s needs.

    ✦ Ability to use a dual fuel system of oil and natural gas.


Laboratory and Quality Control Department:

In order to continuously monitor and improve the quality of products, the laboratory and quality control department of B-MISCO use the most advanced equipment and knowledge provided by their experienced personnel. This unit is responsible for carrying out all required tests based on standards or as per customer’s request.

The conduction of mechanical tests (tensile/ bending and rebinding) via the most advanced machinery, such as the universal tensile and presses testing machine with capacity of 100 tons including short-running extensometer sensors in order to calculate elongations with a very high accuracy and also bending and rebinding with a capacity of 20 tons for testing rebar sizes of 8 up to 32mm are parts of the services provided by this department.

Due to the usage of high quality billets with a high percentage of alloys such as manganese along with a strict control over the production process, experimental results indicate favorable structures even with chemical and mechanical properties regarding B-MISCO’s steel products which are not only produced according to the national quality standard of ISIRI 3132, but can compete with international producers as well.

The management and staff of B-MISCO are endlessly working to develop a giant step towards paving the economic development and prosperity of the steel industry in Iran. In this regards, continuing the operations of these units and completing the other phases of this project, as well as the development of human resources is among the most important goals of this company.